Anchorage 2021

It is difficult fully comprehending what Anchorage will be facing at the time of the Mayoral election next year. What we do know for certain is that we will be facing significant challenges…perhaps even unprecedented challenges. We do not yet know what the full impact of the pandemic-related disruptions will be on our national, state and local economies. We don’t know exactly how the crashing-price of oil will be manifested in Anchorage. We don’t know how the cancellation of the cruise season and the related reduction in tourist dollars will effect Anchorage next year…and in the following years.

We know we face challenges, but we don’t yet have a full comprehension of how great the challenges will be or the level of sacrifice we may be called upon to make. We know we are going to take a hit, but we don’t yet know how much it will hurt. Will Alaska and Anchorage experience a loss of population? Will we see a significant amount of business failures? Will unemployment remain unacceptably high? Will Anchorage housing prices fall?…collapse? Will the COVID-19 pandemic continue to plague us into and perhaps through 2021? All of these scenarios are possible, as well as myriad other equally challenging potentialities.

It has become commonplace for candidates at nearly every election to claim that the city (state country…etc.) is “at a crossroads,” and that the outcome of their particular election is of unusual importance. This time, however, I believe such claims are warranted. In the coming years as we encounter, adapt to, and overcome the challenges we will face, Anchorage, more than ever needs experienced, practical, informed and determined leadership.

We need leadership, that while firmly grounded in today’s problems, can at the same time keep an eye on the future and identify the challenges we’ll meet tomorrow. We need leadership that will risk trying new solutions while also being willing to abandon efforts when they prove to be failing. We need leadership that can work cooperatively and constructively with a broad range of people and groups. We need leadership that will work towards bringing people together to face our challenges as fellow citizens.We need leadership that will always place the interests of the citizens of Anchorage above political concerns. I believe I can provide such leadership. If you believe it too, I would be honored to have your support.